Leaked Manchester United Qatar Email

Leaked Manchester United Qatar Email
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Council Of The Ruling Family Qatar

Date07/03/2023                                                                      ATCRF/230307/001



Mr. Avram Glazer

Mr. Joel Glazer

Executive Co-Chairman and Director



Exploiting Manchester United to launder funds for advancing terror program in Europe



This important message is directed to Board of Directors and owner(s) of Manchester United 

It is unfortunate that you had to cross path with these corrupted authorities that are in control of the State of Qatar today. Do not be deceived by their intentions of purchasing, financing or financially assisting in any prospectus, their only directive is to use such prospectus as to enable them to facilitate their financing towards extremists and terrorists that have been lodged all around the world. By Buying such prospectus they are able to freely navigate several billions of funds that can be paid throughout the world, to radicalize as many unfortunate souls as possible that will be exploited for their own benefits.

By allowing such corrupted individuals in purchasing such esteemed football club, is a smear to the history of such club, its players and its fan and a threat to the future of the citizens of the United Kingdom and the world.

We urge the decision makers of Manchester United to consider such important elements before entering into a discussion with these individuals, whom amongst themselves referred to each other’s as thieves, whereby in an audio recording attributed to late Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak can be heard saying that Sheikh Tamim’s father Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa nicknamed Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim “the thief of Doha”, and Manchester United is about to make a deal with such individuals, which will probably yield a negative outcome for all. (https://www.thereference-paris.com/14328)

Same individuals who have been under scrutiny by the UK’s authorities for financially questionable arrangements and the same individuals who have been claimed to have strongly supported and financed terror attacks, which till date they are under investigation for such acts.



Refer to the above publications that provides the documented evidence that these individuals are manifesting a process in taking advantage of such opportunities to expand their destructive agendas. 

These individuals have been under control and enticement by Sheikha Mozah who has imposed her control for decades and they should be exposed for what they truly are, Dictators, Kleptocrats, Tyrant, Oppressors, Tormentors and Narcissistic individuals who continuously deceive the world with their treacheries.

She has exploited the state’s wealth and resources, leaded by Sheikha Mozah Bint Nasser Al Missned and her conspiring group of besmirched individuals. They have altered the course of Qatar’s leadership and the stability of many nations around the globe by infusing such wealth into realizing a malignant agenda that is designed to create chaos in the region, such providing these corrupted individuals with the “Command and Control” of such disorder.

For the past 26 years, Sheikha Mozah has masked her intentions of secretly owning and preparing an international army of extremists and terrorists that can be deployed from within every country around the globe, such international army that provides her with ultimate control over the situation by creating chaotic conditions. Such army that has been infiltrated in the North American continent and several European countries, army of individuals that are derived from refugees that fled their countries seeking refuge in most of these countries, whereby Sheikha Mozah through her several entities, camouflaged behind charity and educational organizations, have nested out all these refugees abroad, provided them with financial supports, built for them schools, mosques and Islamic centres, and throughout the years, such army has been increasing at an alarming rate and the world will only come to realize such army when it is too late. 

And now, Manchester United is just another vehicle that will be purchased to be exploited, through a camouflaged organization, either being it non-profit or charitable, either way Manchester United’s reputation will be compromised in the process, whereby the club is being dragged into a phase of a laundering scam that is intended towards terror financing

The world should act now to unveil these dormant malignant actions that will strike, causing several destructions and casualties around the globe.




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