Soldier Executed in Ukraine Warcrime

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Video has emerged showing the unlawful killing of an alleged Ukranian soldier by Russian troops in the Bakhmut area of Ukraine. This video has caused outrage, world wide. Human Rights organisations around the world have condemned and spoken out against such abuses of the Geneva Convention. There are potentially many hundreds of alleged warcrimes which have occured during the Russia – Ukraine war. Issues have happened on both sides of the conflict, and in time international investigators will have to resolve outstanding cases of War Crimes, and we will likely see some War Crimes Trials post war. 

In-fact since 2014 there has been ongoing conflict in Ukraine which has resulted in the death or injury of thousands. Allegations of torture, forced rendition to distant parts of Russia, kidnap, theft and countless other much more serious crimes. The Ukranian people have suffered greatly and it will take generations for their society to rebuild and recover. Some say the war in Ukraine could last for years, or be over shortly, time will tell, but in the meantime, organisations are working to help refugees and entering Ukranian territories to deliver food and other resources.  

The soldier apparently smoking a cigarette and missing since 3rd Feb 2023 was brutally shot dead after saying “Glory to Ukraine”. Further video showed him being buried apparently still moving, though some sources suggest this was a separate warcrime and may have been a Russian soldier, and not the same video. We are not posting either video due to the graphic content but they are circulating widely online.  

The brutality of war is very clear, and the need to resolve issues without international violence is something which needs to be adhered to. Life is too precious to be wasted in needless conflicts. Human Rights Organisations from around the world are working towards peace in Ukraine. 

ukraine execution victim

Border disputes and wider conflicts serve little purpose for humanity. Reports suggest that there are many hundreds of casualties on a daily basis in Ukraine, both civilian and military. NHRO has been closely monitoring the Ukraine war and fully supports international efforts to bring the conflict to a swift resolution. 

We remain concerned at human rights abuses in Ukraine and encourage members of the public to take an active interest, and raise awareness of human rights issues, worldwide. 

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